Welcome to Horace Mann Elementary School


We have created a school environment where our staff, students, families and community come

together to increase student achievement, build relationships, and strengthen our community

one leader at a time


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Horace Mann Elementary School. I am in my fourth year as the Horace Mann principal and feel blessed every day to have the opportunity to be part of this school family. The staff and I believe that we can positively transform the trajectory of every student at Horace Mann Elementary.

I am an instructional leader and find pure joy in purposeful conversations about our students’ learning. The need to focus on “Every Child, Every Minute, Every Day” is felt and seen in each area of our school. We recognize that learning in the 21st century needs to feel, look, and sound different than in the past. Our goals include preparing students to be successful and productive citizens that positively contribute to our community, nation, and world.

The faculty and staff at Horace Mann Elementary believe that all children can and will succeed with support and guidance. We also believe in getting to know the “whole child” and that building positive relationships with students will expand and increase their achievement in life. Helping our children develop vital skills such as resilience, commitment, goal-setting, communication, and problem solving is one of our highest priorities. We believe that it is in elementary schools, like Horace Mann, where the foundation of these life skills is developed.

The time you spend at Horace Mann is important. It is a fun-loving, hard-working, and high-achieving school where individualism is cherished and welcomed. We offer opportunities for students to develop talents and interests, make new friends, and improve skills and knowledge through leadership development. In partnership and collaboration with staff, families, and community we provide every child an opportunity to reach his/her potential.


Kelly R. Gorman